The best plaintiff CLE's available at a reduce rate. In addition to our annual and UND CLE's, through your membership you have access to webinars through TrialSmith.

Political representation and input. Laws are passed each legislative session and are considered during the interim, as a trial attorney the vast majority of issues under discussion will impact your clients. NDAJ members have input in the final outcome.

Access to other trial attorneys with NDAJ list servers.

Active links to legal, political and legislative sites.

NDAJ members have access to TrialSmith on-line, the premier plaintiff's attorney's exchange of expert witnesses, depositions,briefs and other documents (over 1.2 million pages) give NDAJ members an advantage.

Advocate Levels of Membership

The ADVOCATE membership levels were created by the Board of Governors to provide members with an opportunity to increase their support of the association. Memberships at the ADVOCATE LEVELS receive exposure on the NDAJ web site. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of ADVOCATE membership brings benefits to NDAJ through commitment and through financial support.

Are included in the "find a lawyer" link on our web site. This allows the public to search for trial attorneys based on their areas of practice and city. Attorneys will show up based on alphabetic placement.

Are listed in the "find a lawyer" section of the web site and their name and firm are highlighted and placed first in the list of attorneys when a search is conducted.

In addition to the advantages in the "find a lawyer" section ofthe website, Gold ADVOCATES will have their name placed in the ADVOCATE website location.

The highest level of membership in the North Dakota Association for Justice is our Platinum ADVOCATE members. Platinum members show their support for the organization through their commitment to the beliefs and ideals through their financial commitment to NDAJ. Each Platinum member is featured in the ADVOCATE website location with their full contact information highlighted with their logo and firm website.